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Banding Together for Waterfowl

Waterfowl Mating and Nesting

Learn more about the nesting and mating habits of waterfowl.
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Prairies Under Siege
A four-part series about the science, policy & planning behind DU's conservation efforts in the Prairie Pothole Region

Prairies Under Siege: The Future of the Prairie Pothole Region
Without aggressive measures to secure its habitat base, North America's duck factory faces an uncertain future

Prairies Under Siege: Science and Conservation
Science underpins DU's choices about investing habitat dollars in crucial Prairie Pothole Region habitat

Prairies Under Siege: New Threats to Ducks & Waterfowling
North America's Prairie Pothole Region is facing the greatest potential loss of habitat in decades

Prairies Under Siege: Ducks, Habitat Conservation & Predators
A closer look at large-scale predator-control programs reveals that they are counterproductive to the long-term benefits of waterfowl and waterfowl hunters

Redhead Hens: The Parasite Queen
Redhead hens are notorious for shirking brood-raising duties

If at First You Don't Succed
For breeding hens, producing a brood of ducklings requires perseverance as well as good nesting habitat

Waterfowl Renesting
For many species of ducks, persistence is crucial to reproductive success

The Cover Connection
New DU research has provided more evidence that conserving large blocks of grassland is critical to prairie waterfowl populations

Parental Care
Early life for young waterfowl can range from surviving in a single-parent family to living a bird’s version of an Ozzie and Harriet-style childhood.

Prairie Pothole Region - More Information
Background information on the Prairie Pothole Region, DU's top conservation priority area

Biodiversity in the Grassland Biome
Diversity loss in grassland habitats threatens waterfowl

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