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Banding Together for Waterfowl

Waterfowl Mating and Nesting

Learn more about the nesting and mating habits of waterfowl.
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Photo Essay: Mating Games
Courtship Flights are an amazing display of color and acrobatic flying

Photo Essay: Spring on the Prairies
A look at what breeding waterfowl will find as they return to the Duck Factory

Photo Essay: Nesting Habitat
Experience the images waterfowl face when they arrive on the prairies this year

Cleaning and Maintaining Wood Duck Boxes
Tips for keeping your wood duck nesting boxes in good condition season after season

A look at goose nesting habitat in 2010
What a difference a year makes

Prairie Pothole Region
Level I Ducks Unlimited conservation priority area, the most important and threatened waterfowl habitat in North America

Duck Nesting Success FAQ's
What is it and what impacts it?

Waterfowl Mating Systems II
How ducks and geese select their mates and maintain pair bonds varies among species.

Life in the Egg
A look at the incubation process of the egg

Nest Site Selection
Where ducks make their nests is vital to the birds' breeding success

The Incubation Period
For female waterfowl, hatching a nest requires a big investment of time and energy

Prairies Under Siege
A four-part series about the science, policy & planning behind DU's conservation efforts in the Prairie Pothole Region

Prairies Under Siege: The Future of the Prairie Pothole Region
Without aggressive measures to secure its habitat base, North America's duck factory faces an uncertain future

Prairies Under Siege: Science and Conservation
Science underpins DU's choices about investing habitat dollars in crucial Prairie Pothole Region habitat

Prairies Under Siege: New Threats to Ducks & Waterfowling
North America's Prairie Pothole Region is facing the greatest potential loss of habitat in decades

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