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Banding Together for Waterfowl

Waterfowl Research Articles

The following articles were previously featured in the "Understanding Waterfowl" column of the Ducks Unlimited Magazine.
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Understanding Waterfowl: A Matter of Productivity
A closer look at why the Prairie Pothole Region is North America's most productive waterfowl breeding area

Understanding Waterfowl: The Amazing Egg
An inside look at egg formation, structure, and development in waterfowl

Understanding Waterfowl: Wood Duck Box Management
With regular maintenance, manmade nesting structures can increase local production of these beautiful birds

Understanding Waterfowl: An Odd Duck
The harlequin duck is among North America's most unusual waterfowl species

Understanding Waterfowl: Ducks in Motion
A closer look at the biomechanics of waterfowl movements

Understanding Waterfowl: Waterfowl and the California Drought
Ducks and geese may face severe water and food shortages in the Central Valley this year

Understanding Waterfowl: Beaver Ponds and Breeding Ducks
Growing beaver populations have created an abundance of high-quality habitat for waterfowl

DU & UND Duck Nest Cam: Bluewing Leaving Nest
Blue-winged teal hen leaves nest

Understanding Waterfowl: The Nesting Period
The health of waterfowl populations depends largely on the ability of the birds to successfully nest and hatch broods

Understanding Waterfowl: Waterfowl Bands and Other Markers
Bagging a banded duck or goose is always cause for celebration, but these coveted trophies also play a vital role in waterfowl management

Understanding Waterfowl: Winter Weather and Waterfowl
Ducks and geese have a variety of adaptations to help them survive the coldest months of the year

Understanding Waterfowl: Flocking Together
While most waterfowl seek isolation during the breeding season, the birds are often highly gregarious the rest of the year

Understanding Waterfowl: Brood Ecology
A closer look at the amazing journey ducklings make from fuzzballs to fledglings

Waterfowler's Notebook: Anatomy of a Duck Call
A custom call maker explains how a duck call works from the inside out

Understanding Waterfowl: Duck Salad
Aquatic plants are a vital food source for many species of waterfowl

Understanding Waterfowl: Courtship and Pair Bonding
For waterfowl, timing is everything when selecting a mate

Understanding Waterfowl: Cross-Seasonal Effects
Habitat conditions on migration and wintering areas may influence waterfowl breeding potential the following spring

Understanding Waterfowl: Fat Is Fit
Gaining weight is a good thing for waterfowl during fall and winter

Understanding Waterfowl: Tracking the Mallard Migration
Research has provided a wealth of new information about mallard movements and habitat preferences

Understanding Waterfowl: Drakes and Ganders
A closer look at the fascinating mating strategies of male ducks and geese

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