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Banding Together for Waterfowl

Waterfowl Research Articles

The following articles were previously featured in the "Understanding Waterfowl" column of the Ducks Unlimited Magazine.
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Understanding Waterfowl: The Amazing World of Macroinvertebrates
An important food source for many waterfowl, these tiny creatures have fascinating life histories

Understanding Waterfowl: The Blue-Winged Ducks
Northern shovelers and blue-winged and cinnamon teal are among the most closely related of North America's ducks

The Scoop on Duck Bills
These feeding tools come in a variety of shapes and sizes

Understanding Waterfowl: The Amazing Molt
Waterfowl replace all of their feathers with new plumage at least once a year

The Salt Marsh Sovereig
Food and habitat resources needed for wintering black ducks

Understanding Waterfowl: Duck Digestion
An inside look at the dynamic digestive system of waterfowl

Life in the Egg
A look at the incubation process of the egg

Getting Ready for the Migration
After the breeding season, ducks must molt and must build energy reserves in time for fall migration

Waterfowl Feeding Adaptations
Ducks and geese are well equipped to find food in a variety of habitats

Waterfowl Sex Ratios
A variety of factors influence the proportion of males and females in waterfowl populations.

Banding Together
Band recoveries reported by hunters are an essential source of information for waterfowl managers

Understanding Waterfowl: Drought and Deluge
We can't control the weather, but conserving wetlands and grasslands on the prairies will help ensure the long-term health of duck populations

Dressed for Success
A drake’s bright colors and a hen’s dull plumage both play crucial roles in breeding

Waterfowl CSI
Isotope analysis is helping researchers solve waterfowl mysteries

Nature or Nurture
Both instinct and learning play important roles in shaping waterfowl behavior

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