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Banding Together for Waterfowl

Waterfowl Biology & Research

Learn all you could ever want to know about ducks and geese! DU biologists have accumulated a wealth of research and findings about waterfowl and their behavior.

Waterfowl ID

Waterfowl IDLearn fascinating information about various waterfowl species including breeding and migration information. Listen to what the waterfowl sound like in the wild, so you can easily identify them on your next outing.

Understanding Waterfowl

Understanding WaterfowlDucks Unlimited has conducted extensive research on waterfowl biology, and our biologists have written numerous "Understanding Waterfowl" articles.

Waterfowl Lifecycle

Waterfowl LifecycleIn the space of one year a duck experiences the full spectrum of seasonal changes that usher in opportunities & challenges.

Research in the Prairies

Research in the Prairies DU's science monitoring duck production across the prairies, including Nesting Camera videos.

Wood Duck Boxes

Wood duck boxes Creating a wood duck box and strategically placing it can draw birds into an area and create a local population.

Where Do Your Ducks Come From?

Did you know that biologists band more than 200,000 ducks and 150,000 geese every year?  With roughly 90,000 bands reported each year, the data explains waterfowl migration and habits.

As birds are reported or harvested, this information is placed onto maps, showing where the bird was banded and where it was reported.  These maps provide a glimpse of not only migration corridors, but where ducks in your area come from.

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Waterfowling's Perfect Storm
Learn to read a weather map before you head out

Understanding Waterfowl: Ways of the Wigeon
These fascinating ducks have many characteristics and behaviors that set them apart

Waterfowl Hybrids
Crossbreeding produces rare and interesting birds but also threatens the survival of some species

Ducklings and Goslings
Young waterfowl face many challenges but are well-adapted

Status of the Wood Duck
Once threatened with near extinction, populations of one of North America’s most recognizable and celebrated waterfowl are now stable or increasing

Saving the Sprig
Bringing back the pintail to its former abundance

Waterfowl Band Return Maps
Do you know where your ducks come from?

A Bird's-Eye View
An in-depth look at the amazing visual abilities of waterfowl

Late Winter Habitat Conditions in Canada
March Habitat Conditions from DU Canada

Any load. Anywhere. Every time.

Scientific Waterfowling
Recent waterfowl research may have practical applications for waterfowlers

Ducks 2050
What might the coming decades hold for waterfowl and duck hunters?

North Dakota 2012 Spring Breeding Duck Survey
Spring Duck Index Up, Water Conditions Down

Upper Mississippi River
Level III Ducks Unlimited conservation priority area, providing a migration corridor for hundreds of thousands of dabbling ducks and significant numbers of divers

Parental Care
Early life for young waterfowl can range from surviving in a single-parent family to living a bird’s version of an Ozzie and Harriet-style childhood.

Webbed Wonders
Waterfowl use their feet for much more than just standing and swimming

Duck Hunters Rainbow
Major rain events can lead to some of the season’s best hunting

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