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Banding Together for Waterfowl

Waterfowl Biology & Research

Learn all you could ever want to know about ducks and geese! DU biologists have accumulated a wealth of research and findings about waterfowl and their behavior.

Waterfowl ID

Waterfowl IDLearn fascinating information about various waterfowl species including breeding and migration information. Listen to what the waterfowl sound like in the wild, so you can easily identify them on your next outing.

Understanding Waterfowl

Understanding WaterfowlDucks Unlimited has conducted extensive research on waterfowl biology, and our biologists have written numerous "Understanding Waterfowl" articles.

Waterfowl Lifecycle

Waterfowl LifecycleIn the space of one year a duck experiences the full spectrum of seasonal changes that usher in opportunities & challenges.

Research in the Prairies

Research in the Prairies DU's science monitoring duck production across the prairies, including Nesting Camera videos.

Wood Duck Boxes

Wood duck boxes Creating a wood duck box and strategically placing it can draw birds into an area and create a local population.

Where Do Your Ducks Come From?

Did you know that biologists band more than 200,000 ducks and 150,000 geese every year?  With roughly 90,000 bands reported each year, the data explains waterfowl migration and habits.

As birds are reported or harvested, this information is placed onto maps, showing where the bird was banded and where it was reported.  These maps provide a glimpse of not only migration corridors, but where ducks in your area come from.

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Waterfowl Migration
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