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Banding Together for Waterfowl

Tell your representatives to make wetlands and waterfowl a priority

Congress is in recess during August, which means a calmer Washington, D.C. Even more importantly, it means members of Congress are in their home states for a month.

Senators and congressmen will be holding townhalls and meeting with voters while they're home to take the pulse of their constituents. August recess provides you the best opportunities to talk to representatives one-on-one and tell them the issues most important to you. Ducks Unlimited encourages you to meet with your representatives this month. Find events in your area or ask to schedule time to talk with them by looking at their website or calling a regional office. The House directory and Senate directory will help you find your representatives' contact information.

DU has several goals Congress can still accomplish during this session. When you meet with your members of Congress, ask them to make wetlands conservation a priority with the following actions:
  • Pass a five-year Farm Bill. The Farm Bill is the most effective tool to conserve wildlife habitats on private lands. Encourage your members of Congress to pass a five-year Farm Bill with the conservation provisions intact. These provisions include re-coupling compliance to crop insurance and a national Sodsaver program (see next bullet).

  • Cosponsor the Protect Our Prairies Act (H.R. 5879). This act creates a national plan in the Farm Bill conservation suite of programs to make native prairie and other grasslands without a cropping history ineligible for federal benefits like crop insurance. The purpose is to discourage breaking that grassland for cropping, though farmers will still be able to do so at their own risk instead of at the expense of taxpayers.

  • Reauthorize NAWCA with adequate funding. Ask your representative to help move NAWCA to the floor for a vote, ensuring at least $36 million in annual funding for wetlands conservation. 
Take advantage of the congressional break and meet with your representatives to ask them to show support for wetlands and waterfowl!

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