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Banding Together for Waterfowl

Prairie Experience changes lives

  • Carmen Miller highlights changes in rural populations in the prairies. Pictured (l to r): Alexis Heim, DU Conservation Policy Intern; Tripp Rackley; Brett Baker, Senior Director of Development; Dr. Gary Grover, Blair Rackley, Pearson Rackley, Brady Rackley.
  • Bison once roamed these prairies; a pelt of bison fur is surprisingly soft. Pictured (l to r): DU Government Affairs Representative Eric Lindstrom, John Wornom, Beverly Wornom.
  • Peter Jackson and Garrett Hood take a closer look at waterfowl habitat through a spotting scope; Tanner Gue and Johann Walker stand at the ready to answer any questions.
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DU philanthropists refer to the “Prairie Experience" as a life-changing experience.

Held recently out of the Great Plains Regional Office in Bismarck, N.D., the event provides a unique combination of classroom and field experience to help DU major donors “see, touch and feel” the prairies. The program helps attendees understand the biology of waterfowl, the importance of prairie wetlands and grasslands to their life cycle, challenges facing the prairies and DU programs designed to provide solutions.

Given the importance of the Prairie Pothole Region to continental waterfowl, these donor learning events are being held in key focus areas of both the United States and Canada. Participants experience two days of in-depth learning in class and afield in some of the most spectacular duck breeding landscapes on the continent.

The events are for people who have a passion for waterfowl and are looking to learn more about how their personal investment can play a key role in helping DU preserve our prairies. Attendees will leave with an enhanced knowledge of where waterfowl migrations begin and get to know the staff members who help deliver the conservation programs that make it happen.

Another Prairie Experience is scheduled for June 19-21 in Calgary, Alberta. For more information contact Ron Maher at 780-930-1253 or r_maher@ducks.ca.

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