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Banding Together for Waterfowl

Holiday recess: The best chance to ask your elected officials to support the ducks! 

Starting this week, both the U.S. House and Senate chambers are expected to be in recess through Jan. 23. Many elected officials will be returning to their home states and districts to meet with their constituents and discuss current events and issues important to them. 

We need you to reach out to your members of Congress over the recess and ask them to support the ducks and their habitat by supporting conservation programs in 2012. Most importantly, we need your help to explain to your members of Congress the importance of reauthorizing the North American Wetlands Conservation Act.

This program must be reauthorized as soon as possible in order to ensure continued funding in the future. In the past, lawmakers from both parties have strongly supported reauthorization, recognizing the enormous importance of a program that leverages three non-federal dollars for every federal dollar spent. 

The best way to ensure this program is reauthorized and properly funded in the future is to contact your representatives. Whether you attend a town hall meeting, request an office visit or make a phone call, DU encourages you to tell your congressional delegation you support conservation programs that protect waterfowl, and ask them to co-sponsor H.R. 1960, the North American Wetlands Conservation Extension Act.

We also owe a big thank you to all the DU supporters who have reached out to their members of Congress to support funding levels for this program over the last nine months. Congress has just approved a final spending bill that includes a fairly small cut to the NAWCA program, and we have you to thank for that. DU spoke up, and Congress listened. Let’s continue to make our voices heard!

Take action today!

Ducks Unlimited encourages you to speak up for waterfowl by urging your members of Congress to support the following issues: 

North American Wetlands Conservation Act – Since its inception, NAWCA has helped conserve more than 26 million acres of waterfowl habitat. Contact your representative today and ask him/her to co-sponsor H.R. 1960. Lend your support for NAWCA reauthorization!

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