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Banding Together for Waterfowl

DU recognizes strong partner in Colorado Water Conservation Board

(Left to right) CWCB Contracts Manager Vaughn McWilliams, CWCB Section Chief Ted Kowalski, CWCB Director Jennifer Gimble, CWCB Section Chief Eric Hecox, CWCB Program Manager Todd Doherty, DU Chief Conservation Officer Paul Schmidt, DU Manager of Conservation Programs (Colorado) Greg Kernohan
Ducks Unlimited staff in Colorado recently recognized the Colorado Water Conservation Board for its exceptional partnership. CWCB has worked with DU since 1987 to develop conservation projects that not only help conserve waterfowl habitats, but also improve the management of Colorado's water resources.
"The CWCB staff members are passionate individuals dedicated to their work," said Greg Kernohan, DU manager of conservation programs in Colorado. "They recognize that successful programs depend on successful partnerships, and we are happy to be one of those partners."

CWCB was created in 1937 to provide policy direction on water issues and is Colorado's most comprehensive water information resource. The agency maintains expertise in a broad range of programs and provides technical assistance to further the utilization of Colorado's waters. CWCB's mission is to conserve, develop, protect and manage Colorado's water for present and future generations.

"Water in Colorado is a finite resource critical to sustain its citizens, agriculture and the environment. Colorado is a semi-arid state with limited water supplies and our population is expected to nearly double by 2050," said CWCB Director Jennifer Gimbel. "Future demands for water will necessitate maximizing our existing resources through innovative water-sharing projects and partnerships like the one we have developed with DU."

CWCB developed the Statewide Water Supply Initiative and a funding source known as the Water Supply Reserve Account to fund projects that assist Colorado water users in addressing their critical water-supply issues and interests. DU has received significant CWCB funds, which have leveraged money from other federal, state and local sources to fund innovative water projects that benefit diverse interests through wetland recharge. 

Recharging aquifers through wetlands provides wildlife habitat, while retiming water through alluvial aquifers to augment river flow when demand for water is much higher for agriculture and municipalities.

Some of the projects on which DU and CWCB have partnered include South Platte River Ranch; Drake Land Farms; Golden Eagle Ranch; and the DT Ranch along the South Platte and River Valley Ranch, near Monte Vista.

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