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As the debate on protecting wetlands and clean water continues to heat up, find all the resources you need to be an advocate for the ducks! Use the letters and fact sheets below to learn more about how clean water affects you and how you can make a difference.

Reports on the effects of SWANCC and Rapanos Supreme Court Rulings

Several new report highlights threats to waters and wetlands under regulatory guidance resulting from two Supreme Court Cases. Compiled by the National Wildlife Federation, Ducks Unlimited, and Trout Unlimited, the report identifies five cases where the loss of Clean Water Act protections have put Colorado waters at risk for pollution, unrestricted drainage and destruction. Two reports have been issued so far - covering Tennessee and Colorado - with more to follow.

Where does your drinking water come from? 

Here are maps that show the percentage of people that receive their drinking water from the types of wetlands and water sources that the Baucus-Klobuchar Compromise for Clean Water would protect.  For more information, please visit the EPA's website.

State Map

County map

Baucus-Klobuchar Compromise for Clean Water

Senators Max Baucus (Mont.) and Amy Klobuchar (Minn.) brokered a deal in the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee to pass a bill restoring Clean Water Act protections to wetlands. See the text of compromise bill that passed the Committee - there is also a summary of the amendment and a fact sheet that help explain the bill.


Ducks Unlimited Articles and Testimony

Ducks Unlimited has been working on restoring clean water protections to isolated wetlands for many years. See the articles and testimony that DU has produced supporting efforts to restore clean water protections to wetlands.  

Media Endorsement of Clean Water

There have been many articles and editorials promoting restoring Clean Water Act protections to wetlands that have lost them. Here is a sample of writers and papers, including Field & Stream and the New York Times.

Sportsmen Speak Out for Clean Water

Ducks Unlimited members and other sportsmen had to say when a columnist misrepresented the need for clean water:

Farmers Supporting Clean Water 

Farmers are some of most important stakeholders in the Clean Water debate - and are important to Ducks Unlimited.  Read accounts from farmers on the ground that support restoring Clean Water Act protections for wetlands, and see letters from state and national groups supporting clean water.

Support Letters

Ducks Unlimited and other sportsmen's groups have been very active in pushing for Clean Water protections for geographically isolated wetlands, and for the Baucus-Klobuchar Compromise for Clean Water that would restore lost protections as well ensure that farmers are not affected by changes to the Clean Water Act. In addition, other people and groups have weighed in, including top-ranking members of the Administration.

  • Sportsmen's group letter supporting Baucus-Klobuchar Compromise for Clean Water
  • Letter from Administration supporting restoration of Clean Water protections
  • Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies support letter
  • Flyway Council letters

    Leaders of the Flyway Councils - groups of state and local NGOs that work to improve and conserve migratory waterfowl habitat in the main migration corridors - have also been long-standing supporters of restoring Clean Water Act protections. See the following letters supporting Sen. Feingold's original bill.

    State Fact Sheets

    The Wetlands Working Group has put together fact sheets for explaining the importance of Clean Water Act protections in select states.





















    New Hampshire

    New Mexico

    New York


    North Carolina

    North Dakota




    Rhode Island

    South Dakota




    West Virginia