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Bringing back the pintail to its former abundance
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DU is also focusing on conserving wetlands in key pintail wintering and migration areas in the United States and Mexico. In the Central Valley, for example, DU is working with a broad coalition of partners to efficiently manage public water resources, restore wetlands, and protect threatened agricultural lands. Along the Gulf Coast, DU is a leading partner in the America’s Wetland campaign dedicated to conserving Louisiana’s threatened coastal marshes and is cooperating with the agricultural community in south Louisiana and Texas to manage seasonal wetland habitats on rice fields and other agricultural lands.

In the Klamath Basin, DU is working with several government agencies and other partners to reduce water conflicts and restore vital waterfowl staging habitats. And in the Rainwater Basin, the Nebraska Environmental Trust (NET) recently announced that it will provide $850,000 over the next three years to help DU meet its goal of purchasing, restoring, and protecting 12,000 acres of wetlands and associated uplands in the region. In 2002, NET helped DU create a revolving fund that was used to establish the 920-acre Verona wetland complex, which provides vital spring staging habitat for multitudes of pintails and other waterfowl.

Clearly, pintails face many challenges throughout their vast continental range. Without immediate action to protect, restore, and enhance vital pintail habitats—especially wetland-rich native grasslands on the prairies—these highly admired birds may decline to levels that can no longer sustain hunting. By supporting these urgent conservation efforts across North America, DU members, volunteers, and major donors can make a valuable contribution toward the future of the pintail and other waterfowl.

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