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2013 Late Winter Habitat Conditions in Canada

Provided by Ducks Unlimited Canada
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Throughout the region, habitat conditions remain in good condition, and have changed very little since January. Snow accumulation remains at or above average in most places, which should bode well for waterfowl as they start to
arrive on their boreal breeding grounds in late April.

January and February temperatures were average, and snow accumulations have been variable. This is not of concern, however, since water levels were high going into winter. Wetland conditions should be in great shape for migrating and breeding waterfowl.

Northwest Territories
The unseasonably cold weather that hit in November continued in the interior part of the territory until recently. High temperatures have hovered around -30 C over the last two months, although the area around the Mackenzie River Delta experienced normal temperatures. Snow accumulations have been below average. Therefore, although wetland conditions are currently considered average to good, they could be below average when waterfowl return unless substantial snow or rain is received in the next couple of months.

Boreal British Columbia

Since January, northeastern areas have experienced above-normal temperatures and below-average snowfall amounts. More moisture is needed to alleviate the drier-than-average conditions that persisted in 2012.

Boreal Alberta

Temperatures have been near normal since January. After receiving an abundant snowfall in November and December, snow accumulation has also been near average. There is currently about 30 cm of snow on the ground throughout nortern Alberta. Habitat conditions remain good across region, and should remain that way headed into spring.

Boreal Saskatchewan

Habitats remain in good condition thanks to above-average snowfall this winter. In fact, thin ice is reported on many lakes and rivers due to the early heavy snowfall. Wetland habitat should be good to very good going into the spring breeding season.

Boreal Manitoba

January and February temperatures were near normal, and above-normal moisture (by 27 percent) has maintained good to very good habitat conditions. Pre-freeze-up moisture also resulted in a good frost seal, so current wetland conditions should be maintained into the spring.

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