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Late Summer Canadian Habitat Conditions 

Conditions declining, but habitat still good
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Prairie Region


In July, precipitation totals were above average in the southern Prairie, and average to slightly below average in the northern Prairie, Aspen Parkland, Boreal Transitions Zone (BTZ) and Peace Parkland.  All areas have experienced localized, heavy rain events associated with thunderstorms. For example, parts of Edmonton received 30-40 mm of rain over 1-2 hours on August 11.  There Parkhas also been some damaging hail.  July temperatures were average to slightly cooler than usual.

In the southern Prairie, habitat conditions are rated as good to very good.  Areas north of Medicine Hat, which have not been as wet over the summer, are rated as fair.  In the northern Prairie, conditions remain good to very good.

Very good conditions also extend into the western Aspen Parkland.  It has been drier in the eastern and central Aspen Parkland, although recent rains have alleviated farmers' concerns.

In the Boreal Transition Zone (BTZ) and Peace Parkland, conditions remain good to very good.  In the Peace Parkland, most semi-permanent and permanent wetlands are still flooded past the cattail area, while many seasonal ponds are still holding water.

Throughout the province, the landscape is looking lush for this time of year.  The Prairie remains green, and grass growth has been excellent this year.  In areas of the Aspen Parkland, cattle are having a hard time keeping up with the grass growth.  In the Peace Parkland, grass is tall, lush and greener than ever.
With wetlands being in favourable condition across the province, it looks like duckling survival has been good.  Brood sizes appear to be larger than when wetlands are not as plentiful and high.  Local Canada geese are starting to form larger groups, and goslings are close to fully feathered.  Fall flight prospects remain positive.

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