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Policy: State Issues


Public policy issues of concern to DU's Great Lakes/Atlantic Regional Office. For issues concerning states in the Great Lakes and Chesapeake Bay vicinities, please visit our Watershed Policy Issues page.

New Jersey

Ducks Unlimited is working with volunteers and other conservation organizations to support Ducks Unlimited's event system in regards to displaying firearms and merchandise for fund-raising efforts.

New York

More than 1 million people hunt, fish and trap in New York State. Duck and goose hunting, along with fishing in Lake Ontario, has a significant impact on the economy surrounding Lake Ontario. In recent years there has been an effort to update the management plan for water-level regulations in Lake Ontario/St. Lawrence River, which has not been done in 50 years. The International Joint Commission (IJC) commissioned an extensive study with alternative management plans, looking at all facets of lake and river use. The IJC solicited public input for updating the management plan through a long open process. A majority of the comments favored Plan B+, which would allow for more natural water-level regimes than in the past. In 2007, the IJC proposed a new plan called Plan 2007 (PDF) which seeks to delay wise water-level management. Conservation organizations, local, state and federal agencies supported Plan B+ instead. Via this plan the regional economies would be supported through environmental programs and improvement in recreational activities for the area. With improvements in the environment and the economy. Plan B+ ensures a better quality of life for all citizens in the area.

Ducks Unlimited supports Plan B+ plans to improve water quality and wildlife and waterfowl habitat. Plan B+ is the most environmentally friendly of the existing plans. DU has attended several sessions in Albany and throughout the state to educate and inform decision makers on wetland protection legislation pending in the legislature.


On April 22, 2008, the National Park Service held a meeting to discuss the future restoration plans and waterfowl-hunting access on the Dyke Marsh Preserve in Alexandria, Va. From 1937-1994 the area was actively dredged for sand and gravel, which resulted in the loss of approximately half of the emergent vegetation. Plans for restoration are in progress with the overall goal being to determine the feasibility of restoring portions of Dyke Marsh Preserve that had been dredged extensively in previous decades. At this time, the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries is in support of continuing waterfowl-hunting opportunities on the preserve. Ducks Unlimited was in attendance at this meeting and has become engaged in NPS Dyke Marsh, both from a restoration and hunting-access standpoint.

Ducks Unlimited supports the National Park Service's plan to restore Dyke Marsh. This project will provide much-needed wetland habitat that will benefit several species of waterfowl, in addition to many other wildlife species, and we support continued recreational waterfowl-hunting opportunities.

West Virginia

Hunting in the New River Gorge National River is in jeopardy. The National Park Service (NPS) is creating a management plan for the New River Gorge National River that includes four possibilities for future hunting opportunities: 1) enhance hunting opportunities; 2) maintain hunting opportunities as they currently are; 3) cut back on hunting opportunities and 4) eradicate hunting from the area. Recent legislation was introduced by Congressman Rahall to ensure hunting in the New River Gorge, operated by the NPS. Ducks Unlimited strongly advocates that NPS reject the option to diminish or reduce hunting in the area and requests the expansion of hunting opportunities.

Ducks Unlimited supports continuation of hunting on the NRGNR, as introduced in the 1982 authorizing language, consistent with the scope and breadth of hunting as it has continued to this day.

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