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Ohio Projects


Click one of the stars on the map below to read more about the state's featured projects. Or click the names of the color-coded Priority Areas in the key to learn more about GLARO's conservation focus. The blue dots represent one or more conservation projects on which DU has worked. Project information comes from annual state Conservation Reports, available in our Resource Library.

Ohio by the Numbers (as of 01/2010)

  • Total acres conserved: 75,303
  • Technical assistance acres: 23,450
  • Amount spent on projects: $17,193,307

You can find additional statistics on Ohio's state fact sheet.

Ohio projects map Abraham Marsh Pickerel Creek SWA Ashcroft Woods Lake Erie Ohio Rivers Southeast Lake Michigan

Meet Ohio's Biologist

Roy Kroll has worked for Ducks Unlimited since 2008. Roy received his undergraduate and graduate degrees at Ohio State University.

Roy Kroll
Great Lakes/Atlantic Regional Office
1220 Eisenhower Place
Ann Arbor, MI 48108

Pickerel Creek wetland restorations

Ducks Unlimited collaborated with the Ohio Division of Wildlife to restore wetlands on three recently acquired tracts at Pickerel Creek Wildlife Area in Sandusky County. Approximately 68 acres of wetlands were restored by breaking drain tiles and excavating shallow potholes that will provide excellent habitat for spring-migrating and breeding waterfowl, and many other wetland animals and plants. More than 100 acres of wetland plants and grasses will be seeded this year to complete the restoration of these properties.

Pickerel Creek wetland restorations
An aerial view of wetlands restored at Pickerel Creek Wildlife Area

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More than 463 acres protected in Grand River watershed

In 2007, Ducks Unlimited worked with Grand River Partners Inc. (GRP) and several other conservation organizations to protect two important tracts of land in the Grand River watershed. These tracts total more than 463 acres of wetlands and associated habitats and were conserved through a $1 million North American Wetlands Conservation Act (NAWCA) grant received by DU in 2005.

The Ashcroft Woods is a 379-acre property in Ashtabula County comprised of woodlands and wetlands along the Grand River. This tract was acquired in partnership among DU, GRP, the Ohio Division of Wildlife and the Clean Ohio Fund. GRP owns this property and will manage it to maintain high-quality habitat to support a diversity of wildlife, including waterfowl. A conservation easement also was acquired in Ashtabula County, on an 84-acre parcel in Austinburg Township. This tract includes woodlands, wetlands and agricultural land that will be protected in perpetuity though a conservation easement held by GRP.

To obtain the NAWCA grant, DU partnered with several state, local and private organizations, including Geauga Park District, GRP, The Nature Conservancy, Cleveland Museum of Natural History, Ohio Division of Wildlife, Ashtabula Soil and Water Conservation District and Pheasants Forever. DU and its partners will use the grant and $2,005,064 in matching funds to protect and restore more than 1,700 acres of critical wetlands and associated habitats throughout the Grand River watershed.

Ashcroft Woods
A heron rookery at the Ashcroft Woods property in Ashtabula County

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Abraham Marsh survey and design

Ducks Unlimited and the Ohio Division of Wildlife are collaborating on a new engineering design to enhance Abraham Marsh at Killdeer Plains Wildlife Area in Wyandot County. DU has completed a topographic survey and will develop a series of conceptual engineering design plans for the Division's review this year. Hopefully, DU's design will be implemented in the near future to improve 400 acres of wetland habitat.

Engineer at Abraham Marsh
A DU engineer surveys at Abraham Marsh in Wyandot County.

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