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GLARO Accountability: Tracking

Tracking services supplied by DU's Great Lakes/Atlantic Region accountability staff

When DU works with a partner on a project, a contract is executed detailing the conditions of the agreement. These contracts are reviewed and revised by numerous parties, both inside and outside our office, before they are finalized. It has been difficult to follow the paths of these contracts through this process. The Great Lakes/Atlantic Regional Office (GLARO) has created the DuckTrax Contract Tracking System to track contracts through the review process more efficiently. With DuckTrax, project delivery, management and contract compliance staff can quickly and easily determine the current routing status of any contract as it moves from the initial draft to its final location in the GLARO contract library.


DuckTrax is a Web-based system that allows GLARO staff to see how much progress has been made in the contract review process and how many steps are left before it is complete. Delivery staff will set up contracts and, along with their manager, enter initial approval information. Once a contract has been approved by a manager, it is handed off to the contract compliance specialist, who continues updating status information. After the initial contract setup is complete, all other users have the rights to query and view contract information, but not to create or update contract information. The tracking process takes the contract through six steps, from setup to finalization, providing e-mail alerts to the appropriate parties when the due date for an action item (e.g., a signature) has been reached. A monthly report detailing missed deadlines and the staff responsible is generated each month and sent to GLARO management.


Users also have the ability to query existing contracts in the DuckTrax database. The query system allows users to filter their searches by agreement number, project information and the delivery staff involved. The search results contain hyperlinks to the associated projects, as well as color coding that indicates whether the contract review process is on schedule or past due.

Interested in learning more?

If you would like to learn more about DuckTrax and other contract tracking methods used by GLARO's Accountability staff, please use the information on the Contact Us page.

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