What is Mitigation?

Learn more about wetland mitigation and DU's mitigation services in the Great Lakes/Atlantic Region

Factory near wetlandWetland Mitigation is wetland enhancement, restoration, creation and/or preservation project that serves to offset unavoidable wetland impacts. It may also be referred to as compensatory mitigation.

Mitigation is required as a condition of many permits issued under state and federal law. The goal of wetland mitigation is to replace wetland functions that provide public benefits, such as flood storage, water quality protection, fish and wildlife habitat and groundwater recharge. These benefits should compensate for the functional loss resulting from the permitted wetland impact.

Ducks Unlimited has a team of experienced and skilled biologists, mitigation specialists and engineers prepared to help landowners enhance and restore existing wetlands, or create new wetlands, to improve the quality of life of wildlife and people. Wetland restoration leads not only to habitat for waterfowl and other wildlife, but also to increased water quality and other long-term environmental benefits for the surrounding area and human population.

If you are interested in undertaking a wetland mitigation project on your land, please visit our GLARO Mitigation Services and Landowner Opportunities pages to get more detailed information about GLARO's wetland mitigation team and what we can do for you.

To get in contact with GLARO's wetland mitigation team today, contact:

Patrick Raney
Manager Conservation Services - Mitigation
159 Dwight Park Circle, Suite 205
Syracuse NY 13209
(315) 453 - 8025 (office)
(315) 708 - 9614 (mobile)

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