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Ducks Unlimited and Clean Water

Clean water policy significantly impacts waterfowl

Millions of acres of waterfowl habitat at risk

Millions of acres of wetlands are in danger of being polluted or drained because they are considered "geographically isolated"—even though these areas are critical for America's drinking water and waterfowl habitat. 

Ducks Unlimited is supporting efforts to protect these wetlands for people and waterfowl, ensuring that these habitats aren't lost to us permanently. DU needs your help to secure these wetlands now and forever, and protect them from pollutants and destruction.

When Clean Water Act protections were removed from "isolated" wetlands in 2001 (SWANCC Report) , critical waterfowl habitat, especially breeding ground in the Prairie Pothole Region, were threatened. Ducks Unlimited's conservation staff explains why no wetland is truly isolated from the surrounding ecosystems and why our support is essential to restore protections for waterfowl habitat.

Learn about the importance of Clean Water protections for wetlands

Why Wetland Protections Matter to Hunters

Protecting our nation's waters and wetland is critical for maintaining waterfowl populations. Due to recent Supreme Court decisions, Clean Water Act (CWA) protections have been withdrawn from well over 20 million acres of wetlands including prairie potholes, playa lakes and other small wetlands. Clean water wetland protections must be restored to our remaining wetlands. Read more about clean water and hunting


DU Comments on Clean Water Draft Guidance

DU submitted comments on the Environmental Protection Agency/United States Army Corps of Engineer's draft guidance to the Clean Water Act during the comment period that ended July 31, 2011. The comments are science-based assessments of how wetlands and their associated habitat are related to clean water. To read the complete comments in PDF format, click here



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