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Banding Together for Waterfowl

Central Valley / Coastal California - More Information

Details and background information on the DU's second-largest conservation priority area
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Ducks Unlimited, in cooperation with its partners in the CVJV, has recently updated habitat objectives for waterfowl in the Central Valley. These objectives are described below.

  • Restore an additional 104,000 acres of wetland habitat.
  • Protect an additional 12,600 acres of existing wetlands through fee title or perpetual easement.
  • Annually enhance 26,000 acres of public and private wetlands. The goal assumes that wetland restoration objectives have been. The annual wetland enhancement goal based on the area of existing wetlands is 17,050 acres.
  • Ultimately secure reliable and affordable water supplies for timely delivery to National Wildlife Refuges, State Wildlife Areas, and private wetlands both inside and out of the Grasslands Resources Conservation District. The total annual water needs for wetland management in the Central Valley when wetland restoration goals are met equals 1,472,000 acre-feet.
  • Maintain waterfowl friendly practices on a minimum of 309,000 acres of small grain agricultural lands. Waterfowl friendly practices are defined as those that do not diminish the availability of waste-grains for ducks and geese. Of these 309,000 acres, maintain winter-flooding of 173,000 acres to specifically meet duck needs. These objectives assume that wetland restoration goals are met. There are now approximately 558,000 acres of small grain lands where waterfowl friendly practices occur in the Central Valley. Winter-flooding currently occurs on 386,000 of these acres
  • Secure Central Valley Project power for NWR's, State WA's, the Grasslands Resource Conservation District, and other private lands dedicated to wetland management.

Specific to DU, the following goals have been adopted for the five-year planning horizon:

  • Restore 9,900 acres of Valley and Bay habitats.
    Enhance additional 49,400 acres of Valley and Bay habitats.
    Develop effective approaches to work with industry and others in the mitigation arena to ensure that effective, functioning wetland ecosystems are restored or created as a result of mitigation actions.
  • Protect 4,920 acres of wetlands and agricultural lands from conversion to urban development through conservation easements.
  • Complete placement of fish screens on all diversions on lower Butte Creek, and begin fish screen operations on Yuba Creek to protect wetlands in District 10.
  • Complete land use planning modeling for all wetland areas in the Central Valley.
  • Develop and implement DU water policy analysis and program to help assure secured water supplies for wildlife.
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