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Banding Together for Waterfowl

Grow Your Beard for Conservation


Are you a passionate waterfowl hunter and conservationist? Do you take pride in growing your beard during hunting season? If so, we have a program just for you. This year, you can grow your beard and support wetlands conservation at the same time through our Beards for Conservation program!

Participation is fun, simple and free! Get started below or check out our Beard Growers page to see others who are participating!

Already signed up from last year? Click here to manage your account.

New for 2014:

Raise money for Ducks Unlimited through your personalized fundraising page and win great prizes!

Download the DU Beards for Conservation app.

Step 1: Get the app.

This is a free app available on both iPhone and Android devices. If you have the app from last year, please update to the latest version.

Step 2: Register.

To get started, you'll need a My DU account. If you already have an account, use your email and password to login. If you don't have an account, you can create one for free by tapping the home screen. You can also click here to create an account.  

Step 3: Choose a DU conservation priority area.

Select one of DU's top five conservation priority areas (optional). This will appear on your personal webpage and profile and will help raise awareness of our important work in this region. You can change it anytime. 

Step 4: Grow your beard!

Each day, use the mobile app to take a photo of your beard. Once your photo is reviewed and approved, it will appear on your public profile page on the DU website.

Step 5: Share and Encourage Friends to Donate.

Share your profile and beard photos with friends on Facebook and tell them to LIKE your profile page. Also feel free to ask them to make a donation to Ducks Unlimited through your personal fundraising page. The top five fundraisers will win great prizes at the end of January. Also, encourage them to put down their razors and participate!

Step 6: Win prizes!

Throughout the program, we will award various prizes such as waterfowling gear, coolers, DU merchandise, etc., to random participants to show our appreciation for your efforts. That's in addition to the grand prizes awarded to the top five fundraisers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be a member to participate?
No, but is it's highly encouraged!  Also, DU members will receive a DU Crest and member recognition on their beard profile pages! Click here to join online today and receive a FREE Duck Call or Jacket as our gift to you! 

I can't grow facial hair! What about me?
If you’re challenged in growing facial hair naturally, we encourage you to get creative - just like Kelsey did ! All photos must be relevant to the beards program, however. 

How do I log in?
If you already have a My DU account, simply log in using your email and password. If you don't have an account, click here to sign up for free.

Do I have to download the mobile app to participate?
No. However, we encourage you to do so since the app provides the most convenient way to manage your beard account and easily take photos. 

I participated last year. What do I have to do to participate this season?
Nothing! Your account is the same from last year. Coming soon, you'll have the ability to sort this season's photos from last year. Currently, however, all photos will be shown for both seasons, ordered by date taken. 

What if I threw out my razor a couple years back? Can I still enter?
You bet. Keep it growing and tell your friends!

Can I manage my beard account online?
Yes. Simply log in to My DU and go to www.ducks.org/mydu/beards. You will see the option to manage your beard photos and your conservation priority. 

What is the "Face-off" feature?
It's just for fun! You'll see two participant photos chosen at random. Choose the one you like best by clicking their image. Repeat as much as you like. 

Are photos reviewed?
Yes. All photos submitted must be relevant to the program and will be reviewed and approved by DU staff. Photos should not include alcohol, tobacco products or explicit product endorsements. Shirts also required. By uploading your photos, DU reserves the right to use them for promotional purposes.

Is there a limit on how many photos I can submit?
You may submit one new photo of your beard growth each day. 

Do you have any best practices on submitting photos?
Yes. Click here to view a list of tips you should consider.