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Banding Together for Waterfowl

Baja California Desert - More Information

Background information on DU's Baja California Desert conservation priority area

Conservation programs

DUMAC works in close cooperation with the municipal, state and federal government in Mexico, to protection of the habitats of the Baja Peninsula. This work is accomplished in cooperation with local non-government institutions. These relationships must be strengthened especially on those areas that are currently protected by the federal government. The support of DU on the development and implementation of management plans for these areas is key to securing protection in harmony with sustainable use and development of these sites. DU should develop proposals and partnerships on those sites with no existing protection. This can be done directly by DU or by supporting the work that is currently underway by local institutions.

Research is needed to determine how these areas function as ecosystems to help guide decisions on projects that may harm the natural conditions of the bays. For example, a resort development is planned in the San Quintin Bay along the barrier island which will involve dredging to build a marina for boats. In San Ignacio Bay the most important salt production industry in Latin America may also be expanded in future years. In both cases, the deterioration of the natural habitats is possible. DU must build strong relationships with local and national research institutions and universities to help guide the research needed to guide the conservation and management of the Bays. A good example is the partnership that has been developed between DU with CICESE, University of Baja California, the USGS-Alaska Science Center and the University of Alaska - Fairbanks to conduct research on the major bays along the Baja California to support their future use by Pacific brant.

DU recently finished the wetlands inventory and classification of the major habitats for waterfowl along the pacific coast of Baja California. The distribution of this information is key to support other institutions conservation and management initiatives. DU has initiated this process, by providing information to Proesteros, a local NGO in Baja that is working to conserve the natural values of San Quintin Bay. The opportunities and needs for leadership in conservation in this region are enormous. The establishment of partnerships is essential to guarantee the delivery of programs needed to preserve these four crucial wetlands for waterfowl in Mexico.


  • Protect the most important habitats for waterfowl along the Baja California Peninsula.
  • Assure past GIS mapping products are available to all wetland conservation efforts.


  • Build strong partnerships the municipal, state and federal governments.
  • Build strong partnerships with other local conservation groups to support the development of management plans and other wetland conservation initiatives.
  • Promote the designation of San Quintin Bay, as a federally protected area.
  • Develop a public awareness program.

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