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Through the Matching Aid to Restore State's Habitat Program (MARSH) Arkansas Ducks Unlimited volunteers have raised over $2 million dollars that have been expended on public land habitat in Arkansas since 1985!  This partnership has resulted in over 50 projects on 34 public areas—the majority of which are Arkansas Game and Fish Commission (AGFC) Wildlife Management Areas (WMA’s) and are open to hunting.

Key restoration work has included wildlife management areas such as:

  • Bayou Meto
  • Ed Gordon/Point Remove
  • Bois D’Arc
  • St. Francis Sunken Lands
  • Dave Donaldson/Black River
  • Petit Jean
  • Black Swamp/Lee LeBlanc
  • Dardanelle WMA/Carbon City
  • McKennon Bottoms
  • Hartman

Our collective partnership has resulted in the acquisition of over 6,000 acres of public waterfowl habitat for the sportsmen and women of Arkansas.  Key acquisitions include:

  • Steve N. Wilson / Raft Creek WMA
  • Hatchiecoon Bottoms / St. Francis WMA
  • Snowden’s Field / St. Francis WMA
  • Hind’s Tract / St. Francis WMA
  • Frog Bayou WMA

Over 140,000 acres of winter waterfowl habitat exists across much of Arkansas each winter, due to the Arkansas Partners Program.  The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission has been an integral part of this very successful program since inception in 1994 along with the US Fish and Wildlife Service and the Natural Resources Conservation Service.

Our partnership with work in Canada has made a huge impact on the prairie breeding grounds where band recovery data shows that over 70% of the waterfowl harvested in the state originate. Since 1968, the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission has contributed over $2.3 Million dollars towards vital wetland restoration.  With matching DU contributions and North American Wetland Conservation Act (NAWCA) grants, this generous contribution has been multiplied several fold—all targeted towards landscapes important for breeding waterfowl that migrate to Arkansas.


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