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Arkansas DU 365 Day Gun Giveaway: Feb. 2014 Winners

Feb. 2014 Winners
See our Arkansas DU 365 Gun Giveaway Facebook page for more information and updates. 

All Winners will be posted as follows Monday-Friday by 5pm. Weekend and Holiday winners will be posted the following business day by 5pm.

                                                     FEBRUARY 2014 WINNERS 

Date                    Item     Model         Caliber   Calendar #  Winner     City,      State

February 1,2014 DU Edition Ruger Vaquero ..#07606- Jason C. -Texarkana, AR

February 2,2014 Browning BPS 10 Ga. ..#04981- Nathan B. -Casscoe, AR

February 3,2014 Browning BPS 10 Ga. ..#01892- Dean D. -North Little Rock, AR

February 4,2014 SKB 505 20 Ga. Over/Under. ..#03692- Kyle F. -Fayetteville, AR

February 5,2014 SKB 505 20 Ga. Over/Under. ..#09680- Matt M. -Bryant, AR

February 6,2014 SKB 505 20 Ga. Over/Under..#05922- Wade S.-DeQueen, AR

February 7,2014 SKB 505 20 Ga. Over/Under. ..#00126- Don C. -Cabot, AR

February 8,2014 DU Edition Ruger Vaquero. ..#03157- Ken H. -Mena, AR

February 9,2014 Tri-Star Viper G2 Syn 20 Ga. ..#03967- Chad M. -Ozark, AR

February 10,2014 Tri-Star Viper G2 Silver 28 Ga. ..#06272- Gary C.-Paragould, AR

February 11,2014 Tri-Star Viper G2 Syn 20 Ga..#03195- Roger S.-Jacksonville, AR

February 12,2014 Tri-Star Viper G2 Silver 28 Ga..#09146- James M.-Little Rock, AR

February 13,2014 Tri-Star Viper G2 Syn 20 Ga .#04719- Brent R.-Paragould, AR

February 14,2014 Tri-Star Viper G2 Silver 28 Ga..#07274- Ray H.-Gillett, AR

February 15,2014 Tri-Star Viper G2 Silver 28 Ga..#06187- Jim M.-Forrest City , AR

February 16,2014 Marlin XL7 .270 Rifle ..#03837- Bryan W.-Russellville, AR

February 17,2014 Marlin XL7 .270 Rifle ..#09112- Steve V.-Hot Springs Village, AR

February 18,2014 Marlin XL7 .270 Rifle ..#00118- Jeremy G.-Conway, AR

February 19,2014 Marlin XL7 .270 Rifle ..#08332- Larry D.-West Lake, LA

February 20,2014 Marlin XL7 .270 Rifle ..#02419- Kyle F.-Paragould, AR 

February 21,2014 Marlin XL7 .270 Rifle ..#01711- Eugene H.-Wilmar, AR 

February 22,2014 Marlin XL7 .270 Rifle ..#04182- Clinton D.-Clarksville, AR 

February 23,2014 Ruger P512 MK111 Pistol ..#08758- Phil W.-Mt.View, AR 

February 24,2014 Ruger P512 MK111 Pistol ..#04569- Bryan B.-Greenwood, AR 

February 25,2014 Ruger P512 MK111 Pistol ..#07309- Dustin P.-Cecil, AR 

February 26,2014 Ruger P512 MK111 Pistol ..#06133- Stephen L.-Russellville, AR 

February 27,2014 DU Edition Ruger Vaquero ..#04446- Caz R. Muldrow, OK 

February 28,2014 DU Edition Ruger Vaquero ..#01413- Randall G.-El Dorado, AR 

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